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Poker Bot WarBot - software for online poker


Why WarBot?


The majority of poker bots, that you can find on the net are so-called "rule-based robots". It means that their algorhythms include only "If - Then" type code. They rarely remember what happened in previous rounds and can't estimate the odds of winning and losing correctly.

War Bot not only can remember players actions and process rule-based instructions, but it also involves Monte-carlo method to simulate thousands of possible scenarios each time it makes a decision. One of the most powerfull features of War Bot is estimating probabilities with a consideration of opponents ranges. It means, for ex. if your opponent raises preflop from early positions, he would be considered holding a tight small range of best combinations, like AA-JJ, AK, AQs and so on. If opponent raises from late positions, his range will be counted as more wide. This greatly influences your winning/losing odds and makes bot strategy strong and profitable.

WarBot also will adjust its play to counter your opponents style of play. On loose tables it becomes tighter, on tight tables - loosier. Very few bots can do this.

Features of War Bot

  • Plays No-limit and fixed-limit cash games, MTTs and SNGs
  • Supports 10+ largest poker rooms, the list gets wider constantly
  • Bot can multi-table on as many tables, as your RAM can handle
  • Plays solid TAG-style poker, packed with strong tested profiles for cash, MTT and SNG games
  • Can play differently in common situations, to stay unpredictable
  • WarBot adjusts its play to counter your opponents style of play.
  • Plenty of free third-party profiles, converted for War Bot platform, and fully compatible
  • Powered with many stealth-features to avoid being suspected by poker-rooms
  • Quick and friendly technical assistance for our customers
  • Flexible and low prices!

Few words about the platform

War Bot is built on OpenHoldem platform. OpenHoldem is an open source screen scraping framework and programmable logic engine for the online Texas Holdem poker game.
It does include:

  • A parameter driven engine for screen scraping and interpreting game states (Table Maps)
  • A logic engine for making poker decisions based on the game states
  • A simplistic scripting language for describing how these poker decisions should be made (using the Spirit parser library)
  • Various interface mechanisms allowing for the creation of decision logic via alternative means (C++, Perl, etc)
  • An engine for applying the poker decision to the casino table (Autoplayer)

Open Holdem is powerful tool, but useless, if you don't have the properly coded strategy and table maps (designing which is a nosebleeding routine task). So, what we actually did - we programmed several scripts for Open Holdem (which are also called Profiles), that play different poker strategies, according to the situation and your preferred style. The second part of our work is constructing Table maps - files which are needed to recognize graphics on different poker-rooms that our software supports. So we are not trying to sell the platform, which is free and can be accessed by anyone. We sell only our personal poker playing algorhythms and custom-made table maps.

However, you, as our customer, should not be confused by this complex architecture. What you get for your money is a finished package with executable file and detailed instructions on how to run the bot.



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